License: Apache-2.0

Current state

Warning This code base has been extracted from the online-go.com source code where it was highly integrated and minimally touched for many years even during some moderinization of the rest of the site. Until v 1.0 is released of this library, it is not recommended to make use of it as much overhaul is happening to improve usability on sites other than online-go.com.


To import into an application targeting the web:

import { ... } from "goban";

To import into an application targeting node:

import { ... } from "goban/lib/engine";



Dev setup

1. Building goban

If you have make installed you can simply run


Or, you can build and run manually using

yarn install
yarn run dev

(yarn install is only necessary the first time you start working on the project, or whenever dependencies are updated)

2. Using local clone of goban while working on online-go.com

From your goban directory run

yarn link

From the online-go.com directory run

yarn link goban

Once done, your online-go.com development environment will use your development goban code.

Before PR

Be ready for CI check on PR:

  • run tests npm test
  • run prettify npm run prettier

[Optional] You can also set up a pre-commit to run checks locally before you commit:

npx husky install

Running & Writing tests

Tests live in src/__tests__ directory, check it out & add Your own! To run tests:

npm test

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